Wouter Jaspers


Wouter Jaspers

Wouter Jaspers,  auteur of field recordings and synth adventures making use of his busy tour schedule to amass a noise archive where the narrative qualities of sound become catalysts for dark ambient folk chasms and ear splitting adventures.


Wouter Jaspers:
UPCOMING: Wouter Jaspers – “Gather Dust, Build A Mountain” \
Wouter Jaspers – “Speaker” 3 x CD-r (vatican analog)
Wouter Jaspers – “Templates” (splitcd with Stefan Kushima and Eric Arn) CD-r (karl smidt verlag)
Wouter Jaspers – “When K-pop attacks” (audiodocumentary by Tom Smith) (karl smidt verlag)
Wouter Jaspers – Identity Formula EP (vatican analog – digital)

Franz Fjödor:
Franz Fjödor – “Babi Yar, An Exploration” (vatican analog)
Franz Fjödor – “The Head (A New World Translation)” (vatican analog)
Franz Fjödor – “Translations” MP3 (TIBProd)
Franz Fjödor / Bram Stadhouders – “The Rattlesnake Whistles” cd-r (vatican analog)
Franz Fjödor – “Exhibition” CD (vatican analog)
Franz Fjödor – “Sequence” CDr (vatican analog)
Franz Fjödor – “Glorious Days” CD (vatican analog)

Wouter Jaspers / Audrey Chen:
Wouter Jaspers / Audrey Chen – Root and Branch (kormplastics)

Wouter Jaspers / Tom Smith:
Thieves’ Who’s Who – A Moan Unbent (karl smidt verlag)
Smith/Jaspers/Stencil – Warszawa (karl smidt verlag)
Smith/Jaspers/Stencil – Wroclaw Version (karl smidt verlag)
Smith/Jaspers – Protest Printed to Nail (karl smidt verlag)
Smith/ Jaspers – Solo Solo Duo (karl smidt verlag)

Ezdanitoff (Wouter Jaspers / Frans de Waard)
Ezdanitoff – “We Bring Light” Full length Album (silentes)
Ezdanitoff – “We Bring Light” 3″ CD (moll)
Ezdanitoff – “Komeet” 3″ CD (moll)

Meldy Peaches (Wouter Jaspers / Mante Schneider / Meldy Ypelaar):
Meldy Peaches – “Meldy Peaches” 8″ CD (vatican analog)

The Jim Morrisons (Wouter Jaspers / Bas Verbeek):
The Jim Morrisons – “90476″  CD-r (vatican analog)
The Jim Morrisons – “Wake Up!” Floppy (vatican analog)
The Jim Morrisons – “Yanzstidas” CDr / B/card (Twisted Knister)

Cock Cobra:
Cock Cobra – “Nervous Breakdown” Floppy (vatican analog)
Cock Cobra – “Zink Een Niew Lied” C10 (Emerson Lake & Headache)

4daladiez (Wouter Jaspers / Vincent Koreman / Steffan de Turck / Bas Verbeek / Bas Welling):
massive ejaculation / 4daladiez “Split Tape” C40 (emerson lake headache)
sindre bjerga / 4daladiez “Split CD-r” CD-r (gold soundz)
4daladiez – “White Power, White Poser” CD (vatican analog)

Preliminary Saturation (Wouter Jaspers / Steffan de Turck):
Preliminary Saturation – “disciples of the vatican” CD-r (vatican analog)
Preliminary Saturation – “hell’s mouth” C30 (dim records)
Preliminary Saturation – “staring at empty eyes” CD-r (dirty demos)
Preliminary Saturation – “cigarettes and sandpaper” MP3 (zeromoon)

Wouter Jaspers – Happy New Ear C60 “Wisdom” (korm plastics)
Wouter Jaspers – With New Eyes – Grüsse Aus Berlin (with new eyes)
Ezdanitoff – 10 Years Of Pissing In The Wind CD-r “Komeetstof” (gold soundz)
To Live And Shave In LA –  “The Grief That Shrieked To Multiply” 3CD box (Wouter Jaspers remix) (Monotype Rec.) 
Franz Fjödor – Show The Love CD “Corperal Punishment” (vatican analog)
Meldy Peaches – Show The Love CD “Break For Lickin’” (vatican analog)
Franz Fjödor – Mind The Gap Volume 84 CD “Chronicles (Of A Free City)” (Gonzo Circus)
Meldy Peaches – ZXZW Independent Sampler CD “Little Bunny Poo Poo” (ZXZW Records)
The Jim Morrisons – Britney Jean Spears, An All American Slave CD-r “The Upset Mother” (vatican analog)
The Jim Morrisons – Neues Noise CDr “Black Dredger” (vatican analog)
Preliminary Saturation – v/a “megahz compilation” cdr (smtg limited)

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