Wouter Jaspers is an electro-acoustic composer, auteur of field recordings and synth designer making use of his busy tour schedule to amass a noise archive where the narrative qualities of sound become catalysts for dark ambient chasms and ear-splitting adventures.

Jaspers records and performs music under his own name, but also as Franz Fjödor, Das Gezicht, A Cryptic Mantra, Cock Cobra, Ambient Rage and others. He has performed as part of The Haters, To Live and Shave in LA, was one half of the Jim Morrisons and a member of 4daladiez & Meldy Peaches. With fellow Brabander Steffan de Turck he performs and records as Preliminary Saturation, with Dutch legend Frans de Waard he is Ezdanitoff, and with fellow Berliner Hainbach he performs and releases records as Odd Narrative.

Since starting his experimental music career aged 20 back in 2006, Jaspers has travelled the globe, performing at places varying from old squatted building and soviet garages to national opera houses and released records on Muzan Editions, Vatican Analog, Silentes, Amok Tapes, Zeromoon, Dim Records, Moving Furniture Records, Korm Plastics, Gold Soundz, Emerson Lake & Headache, Karl Schmidt Verlag and others.

Jaspers is the managing director and chief designer of KOMA Elektronik, a Berlin-based synthesizer manufacturer focusing on electronic musical instruments for experimentalists.

Founder of KOMA Elektronik
Founder of AMOK Tapes
Member of Vatican Analog