Wouter Jaspers

Wouter Jaspers is an electro-acoustic composer, auteur of field recordings and synth designer making use of his busy tour schedule to amass a noise archive where the narrative qualities of sound become catalysts for dark ambient chasms and ear-splitting adventures. Jaspers performs under his own name, but also as Franz Fjödor, Das Gezicht, A Cryptic Mantra, Cock Cobra, Ambient Rage and others. He has performed as part of The Haters, To Live and Shave in LA, was one half of the Jim Morrisons and a member of 4daladiez &  Meldy Peaches. With fellow Brabander Steffan de Turck he performs and records as Preliminary Saturation, with Dutch legend Frans de Waard he is Ezdanitoff, and with fellow Berliner Hainbach he performs and releases records as Odd Narrative.

Since starting his experimental music career aged 20 back in 2006, Jaspers has released records on Vatican Analog, Silentes, Amok Tapes, Zeromoon, Dim Records, Moving Furniture Records, Korm Plastics, Gold Soundz, Emerson Lake & Headache, Karl Schmidt Verlag and others. Jaspers is the managing director and chief designer of KOMA Elektronik, a Berlin-based synthesizer manufacturer focusing on electronic musical instruments for experimentalists.

Founder of KOMA Elektronik
Founder of AMOK Tapes
Member of Vatican Analog


Wouter Jaspers:
Wouter Jaspers – “Speaker” 3 x CD-r (vatican analog)
Wouter Jaspers – “Templates” (splitcd with Stefan Kushima and Eric Arn) CD-r (karl smidt verlag)
Wouter Jaspers – “When K-pop attacks” (audiodocumentary by Tom Smith) (karl smidt verlag)
Wouter Jaspers – Identity Formula EP (vatican analog – digital)

Franz Fjödor:
Franz Fjödor – “Babi Yar, An Exploration” (vatican analog)
Franz Fjödor – “The Head (A New World Translation)” (vatican analog)
Franz Fjödor – “Translations” MP3 (TIBProd)
Franz Fjödor / Bram Stadhouders – “The Rattlesnake Whistles” cd-r (vatican analog)
Franz Fjödor – “Exhibition” CD (vatican analog)
Franz Fjödor – “Sequence” CDr (vatican analog)
Franz Fjödor – “Glorious Days” CD (vatican analog)

Wouter Jaspers / Audrey Chen:
Wouter Jaspers / Audrey Chen – Root and Branch (kormplastics)

Wouter Jaspers / Tom Smith:
Thieves’ Who’s Who – A Moan Unbent (karl smidt verlag)
Smith/Jaspers/Stencil – Warszawa (karl smidt verlag)
Smith/Jaspers/Stencil – Wroclaw Version (karl smidt verlag)
Smith/Jaspers – Protest Printed to Nail (karl smidt verlag)
Smith/ Jaspers – Solo Solo Duo (karl smidt verlag)

Ezdanitoff (Wouter Jaspers / Frans de Waard)
Ezdanitoff – “We Bring Light” Full length Album (silentes)
Ezdanitoff – “We Bring Light” 3″ CD (moll)
Ezdanitoff – “Komeet” 3″ CD (moll)

Meldy Peaches (Wouter Jaspers / Mante Schneider / Meldy Ypelaar):
Meldy Peaches – “Meldy Peaches” 8″ CD (vatican analog)

The Jim Morrisons (Wouter Jaspers / Bas Verbeek):
The Jim Morrisons – “90476″  CD-r (vatican analog)
The Jim Morrisons – “Wake Up!” Floppy (vatican analog)
The Jim Morrisons – “Yanzstidas” CDr / B/card (Twisted Knister)

Cock Cobra:
Cock Cobra – “Nervous Breakdown” Floppy (vatican analog)
Cock Cobra – “Zink Een Niew Lied” C10 (Emerson Lake & Headache)

4daladiez (Wouter Jaspers / Vincent Koreman / Steffan de Turck / Bas Verbeek / Bas Welling):
massive ejaculation / 4daladiez “Split Tape” C40 (emerson lake headache)
sindre bjerga / 4daladiez “Split CD-r” CD-r (gold soundz)
4daladiez – “White Power, White Poser” CD (vatican analog)

Preliminary Saturation (Wouter Jaspers / Steffan de Turck):
Preliminary Saturation – “You are the Universe” CD (moving furniture records)
Preliminary Saturation – “disciples of the vatican” CD-r (vatican analog)
Preliminary Saturation – “hell’s mouth” C30 (dim records)
Preliminary Saturation – “staring at empty eyes” CD-r (dirty demos)
Preliminary Saturation – “cigarettes and sandpaper” MP3 (zeromoon)

Wouter Jaspers – Happy New Ear C60 “Wisdom” (korm plastics)
Wouter Jaspers – With New Eyes – Grüsse Aus Berlin (with new eyes)
Ezdanitoff – 10 Years Of Pissing In The Wind CD-r “Komeetstof” (gold soundz)
To Live And Shave In LA –  “The Grief That Shrieked To Multiply” 3CD box (Wouter Jaspers remix) (Monotype Rec.) 
Franz Fjödor – Show The Love CD “Corperal Punishment” (vatican analog)
Meldy Peaches – Show The Love CD “Break For Lickin’” (vatican analog)
Franz Fjödor – Mind The Gap Volume 84 CD “Chronicles (Of A Free City)” (Gonzo Circus)
Meldy Peaches – ZXZW Independent Sampler CD “Little Bunny Poo Poo” (ZXZW Records)
The Jim Morrisons – Britney Jean Spears, An All American Slave CD-r “The Upset Mother” (vatican analog)
The Jim Morrisons – Neues Noise CDr “Black Dredger” (vatican analog)
Preliminary Saturation – v/a “megahz compilation” cdr (smtg limited)